Deep Creek Lake Chamber of Commerce

What's New?

Fun Unlimited is Deep Creek Lake's most affordable amusement center with 101 new and vintage games, all for a low fixed price!  Not just for kids, entertainment for the adults as well!

* We do not accept CASH so bring your

​ATM/Debit card or credit card!​

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No corkage fee!

​(301) 750-2150 - 173 Friendsville Rd, McHenry

We are always looking to improve your experience and add ever more entertainment options to your visit.  Now at 10games!  Here is what we have been doing lately:

  • Added a new pinball machine from 1986 called Strange Science
  • New lower prices on our menu for non - players!  One low price for player and non-player alike!  
  • Swapped out Twin Pirate Gun in the vintage room for Wild Cycle
  • Added a new menu item, Rick's Filet Steak Sub
  • Now with 11 holes of mini golf and adding more weekly!  Will have 23 holes when it's completed.
  • Added a multicade console with 640 games built in!  Every Street Fighter, X-Men, Marvel superheroes, Marvel vs Capcom, every Metal Slug etc.
  • Began building outdoor mini golf at the property which is included for free for players
  • Added cornhole boards and ladder golf for outdoor activities
  • Added Waffle fries and a huge meatball sub to the menu
  • Added Rescue 911 pinball machine that has a moving helicopter that picks up the pinball!
  • Added Wipeout pinball machine that has a working ski lift and a moving slalom course!
  • Replaced a cruis'n exotica racing machine with a Need for Speed: Underground racing machine
  • Added Boardwalk Multicade game with 4 trackball games (skeeball, mini golf, hoops & bowling)
  • Added Sega Strike Fighter flight simulator, very realistic and thus more difficult
  • Replaced a newer shuffle Bowler in vintage museum with a 1959 16' ball bowler called Team Mate​
  • Added 2 Ice Ball Skee ball machines
  • Added new menu items, 12" thin crust pizza, Pizza dog, Chicken Tenderloins and Sweet potato fries
  • Added Tommy Pinball Wizard pinball machine to our pinball collection
  • Added step stools, step benches and tall bar stools for the height challenged!