Fun Unlimited is Deep Creek Lake's most affordable amusement center with 101 new and vintage games, all for a low fixed price!  Not just for kids, entertainment for the adults as well!

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Want more meat?  Not in this chicken Quesadilla!  My original recipe had too much chicken I was told!  We use sliced chicken breast only, not chicken breast with Rib meat.  Again, we spared no expense!  Enjoy 2 layers of Colby Jack/Cheddar cheese, sliced chicken breast with fajita seasoning and a layer of fire roasted onions and red/green peppers.  A tasty symphony!  A 12" tortilla is folded over and grilled on the panini press until golden and then sliced into 3 slices. 

Chicken tenders?  Everybody loves a chicken tender right?  Unfortunately, chicken tenders are usually mashed together bits of mystery chicken meat.  Not here!  I serve chicken tenderloins, the best, most costly portion of the chicken breast.  You really can taste the difference and knowing these are real chicken breast tenderloins, you will feel better after you are full!  Here is more to feel better about: I bake the tenderloins rather than deep fry them in dirty oil that should've been changed months ago!  Kids aren't picky about their "tenders" but you can look out for them when they eat here.   

Our pizza is the best we could create and we spared no expense!  I doubled the amount of cheese my food rep says we are supposed to use for a pizza.  Our signature pie has 5 different cheeses and a garlic butter crust so good, you will look forward to getting to the back of the slice! 

Available in 12" thin crust too, same great flavor - only thinner!

Everyone's gotta eat right?  Well here, you will actually enjoy the best quality food from a spectacularly clean open design kitchen!  All the equipment here is brand spanking new and I designed this kitchen to be wide open and hide nothing from onlookers!  Ever wonder what goes on behind that swinging kitchen door with the little circular window?  You really don't want to know!

I might be a little OCD about keeping everything inspection clean but I know you will appreciate that attention to detail when you order your food.  No way to hide, no where to hide, no one can hide from my customers in this kitchen!

I only provide the very best quality food money can buy.  The chicken in the quesadillas is all breast meat, not breast with rib meat.  The chicken tenderloins are just that, tenderloins!  Not breast meat cut into strips, not mashed together bits of chicken scraps (think McFastFood).  I don't fry anything, I only bake it, baked sweet potato fries, baked chicken tenderloins, Pizza etc.  Come taste the difference!  

​Want the best sandwich I could muster?  I put my name on it because I love it that much.  Rick's Filet Steak Sub has 1/3 lb of Filet Mignon, the best meat you can buy!  I pan sear it on the panini press with fire roasted onions / peppers, sea salt and pepper then place it in a garlic toasted sub roll with a layer of Mozzarella cheese under it and over it!  Finished off by toasting at 500 degrees to melt all that goodness together.

Our chicken tenderloins are so good that we used them to create a chicken parmesan sandwich!  It is similar to the Pizza Dog above where we glaze a sub roll with garlic herb butter then line the roll with mozzarella cheese, 2 baked tenderloins, pizza sauce then a final layer of mozzarella and melt it all together at 500 degrees.  Delicious!

Like hot dogs?  Do you know what's in them?  Don't google it!  I know what's in them and that's why I choose to only offer Hebrew National hot dogs, and not the little skinny ones, the huge 1/4 lb hot dogs.  wait till you see these beasts!  Hebrew National hot dogs are Kosher and from their website: "Our hot dogs are free of fillers, by-products, artificial colors and flavors.  They are gluten free and cut  exclusively from North American beef, from the best of the premium cuts from the front half of the cow".    

No Markup, No tip

No corkage fee!

Mama Mia!  3 huge 2" thick italian seasoned meatballs baked and placed in a bed of cheeses and sauce!  Garlic crusted sub roll has a layer of Mozzarella and sauce under the 3 meatballs then sauce, Parmesan and Mozzarella over them and melted together at 500 degrees.  It's a belly full!

Come taste the quality!

  • $12.00  16" Thick crust 5 Cheese Pizza with twice baseted garlic butter crust! (+$2.00 Pepperoni)
  • $ 8.00  12" Thin Crust 5 Cheese Pizza with twice baseted garlic butter crust! (+$2.00 Pepperoni)
  • $11.00  Rick's Filet Steak Sub - 1/4 lb of Filet Mignon pan seared with mozzarella and onions/peppers
  • $ 8.00  Chicken Quesadilla - 3 slices, fajita chicken, 2 layers of colby jack/cheddar, onions/peppers
  • $ 8.00  Chicken Parmesan Sub - Baked tenderloins, 2 layers of mozzarella, sauce on a toasted roll
  • $ 8.00  Meatball Sub - 3 huge italian meatballs, 2 layers of mozzarella, parmesan, sauce on a roll
  • $ 7.00  Pizza Dog - 1/4lb dog, 2 layers each of pepperoni, mozarella, cheddar jack, sauce on a roll
  • $ 5.00  3 Chicken tenderloins - 3 baked, not fried, lightly breaded real chicken tenderloins
  • $ 4.00  1/4 LB Hebrew National hot dog on a warmed bun
  • $ 2.50  Sweet Potato Fries - Baked, not fried 
  • $ 2.50  Seasoned Waffle Fries - Baked, not fried (Add real shredded cheddar jack cheese +$1.00)
  • $ 2.00  Bag of chips (Lays, Doritos, Fritos, Sun Chips ...)
  • $ 2.00  ice cream bars (Snickers, Twix, Magnum bars, ice cream sandwiches, cookie bars...)
  • $ 2.00  Pepsi Fountain drinks with free refills (Make it a Combo! Add a bag of chips for $1 with soda)

              - Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Orange Crush, Raspberry Tea, Sierra Mist, Mug Root Beer, Dr. Pepper

  • $ 2.00  22 oz bottle of AquaFina water
  • $ 2.00  Pure Leaf sweet Tea
  • $ 2.00  Snapple fruit drinks (Mango, Fruit Punch, Kiwi Strawberry)
  • $ 2.00  Columbian dark roast coffee reg/decaf (with free refills)
  • $ 2.00  Hot Chocolate, French Vanilla Cappuccino (with free refills!)

As much as I love Sweet Potato Fries, I had to give in to the requests for regular fries.  I couldn't just provide plain ol' french fries with my theme of only the best so I offer seasoned waffle fries.  They are also baked rather than being fried and I do admit to loving them as much as the sweet potato fries!

Ok, so you see how I serve the best pizza and the best hot dog, it's only natural to combine these two into an awesome Pizza Dog!  The hot dog bun can barely hold the 1/4 lb Hebrew National as it is so I upped the ante to a sub roll.  Now with more room to work with, I start by glazing the edges of the sub roll with garlic butter (so it toasts at the end).  I lay out a layer of Pepperoni, then Mozzarella cheese, then Colby Jack/Cheddar cheese for the big ol' 1/4 lb dog to rest on.  A layer of pizza sauce then I repeat the layers of cheese and top it with Pepperoni.  Now, we melt (and toast) that all together at 500 degrees to create a masterpiece of yum!

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Sweet Potato Fries.  French fries are good but Sweet Potato fries are sweet!  They are also good for your eyes with more vitamin A than a carrot :)  I bake the sweet potato fries that are glazed with a hint of vanilla rather than fry them in dirty, vein clogging oil to be as healthy as possible.  "Would you like fries with that?", why yes I would, make them sweet please!   

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