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Outdoor Activities

Currently, we have cornhole boards that I designed and built which have a built in drink stand, score board and leveling legs!  We also have a ladder ball set and Unlimited Mini Golf all included at no extra cost!  

We have big plans for the outdoors.  Unique plans!  Next Fall and summer, we will be creating unique amenities that you won't want to miss!

30' x 30' Outdoor remote control car racetrack.  Podium in the center will allow you to keep an eye on your car as you race around the track  while giving you tunnels to go under, high banks to race around and ramps to jump over.  We will provide the cars or you can bring your own to be king of the track!

What I am most exited about is my next project.  Outdoor duckpin bowling!  These will be creations of my own design that will be 40' long.  They will be elevated 2' so as to not need to bend over, have automatic ball return and string pinsetters.  With the pull of handle, you will reset the downed pins into the 10 pin rack and as you lower the handle, the pins will reset to their upright position.  We will have at least 3 of these 40' lanes. 

Fun Unlimited is Deep Creek Lake's most affordable amusement center with 101 new and vintage games, all for a low fixed price!  Not just for kids, entertainment for the adults as well!

* We do not accept CASH so bring your

​ATM/Debit card or credit card!

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No corkage fee!