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Fun Unlimited is Deep Creek Lake's most affordable amusement center with 101 new and vintage games, all for a low fixed price!  Not just for kids, entertainment for the adults as well!

* We do not accept CASH so bring your

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(301) 750-2150 - 173 Friendsville Rd, McHenry

Deep Creek Lake Chamber of Commerce

THe lower level is filled with 72 classic and modern games for all to enjoy!  There are no redemption games here whatsoever, so no need to spend $20 to win enough tickets to trade for a plastic whistle or a cheap frisbee~!  There are racing games, shooting games, bowling games, fighting games, pinball machines, golfing games, full motion flight simulators, Skee Ball and so much more!

There are 5 multicades here that have many of the classics you may remember such as Pac Man, Mrs. Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Dig Dug, Galaga, Zaxxon, Joust, Defender, Missile Command, Centipede and countless more.  Also a 640 game multicade with all the street fighters, x-men, marval vs capcom, marvel superheroes, metal slug etc.

Pinballs!  When was the last time you saw pinball machines in an amusement center?  We have 13 full size pinball machines here from the late 70's all the way up into the mid 2000's.  Come show your children what games were like before XBox and iPads!

We have a large variety of newer games as well, Big Buck Hunter Pro, Terminator Salvation, Aliens Extermination, FrightFearLand, Golden Tee, Bags, Silver Strike Bowling, Cruis'n Exoticas, Fast & Furious racers, 4 player texas hold 'em poker etc.  Please peruse the list below which will continue to grow..

  1.  1994 Rescue 911 pinball machine 
  2.  1994 Tommy Pinball Wizard pinball machine
  3.  1993 Street Fighter II pinball machine
  4.  1994 Royal Rumble pinball machine
  5. ​ 1992 Hook pinball machine
  6.  1995 Strikes & Spares bowling pinball machine
  7.  1981 Volcano pinball machine (first pinball to ever have a skee ball feature)
  8.  1986 Road Kings pinball machine
  9.  1978 Playboy pinball machine
  10.  1982 Rapid Fire pinball machine that shoots small pinballs at the target with 2 joysticks
  11. ​ 1991 Slugfest pitch & bat pinball machine
  12.  1995 Stargate pinball machine
  13. ​ 1993 Wipeout pinball machine 
  14.  1986 Strange Science pinball machine
  15.  Rock 'n Bowl-a-rama bowling machine styled after a 1950's diner with jukebox music
  16.  Target toss Bags (simlates corn hole)
  17.  Lethal Enforcers II - western style shooting game
  18.  Target toss bags with Lawn Darts as a secondary game
  19.  Confidential Mission - spy themed shooting game
  20.  Carnival King - Carnival shooting gallery
  21.  Tekken Tag Tournament - Martial arts fighting game
  22.  Need for Speed - standup racing game
  23.  Hydrothunder - standup racing game
  24.  Tekken 5 - Martial arts fighting game
  25.  Big Buck Hunter Pro - Hunting simulator shooting game
  26.  Power Putt Mini Golf - Golfing game styled after mini-golf courses
  27.  Virtual Arcade - Multicade with many classic games to choose from
  28.  Offroad Challenge - standup 4x4 racing game
  29.  Radikal Bikers - racing game where you ride a scooter delivering pizzas
  30.  Boardwalk Multicade - Multicade with 4 games, mini golf, hoops, skeeball and bowling
  31.  Multicade - Multicade with 60 games including PacMan, Mrs. PacMan, Donkey Kong, Galaga...
  32.  Target Toss Bags and Lawn Darts - simulates cornhole and lawn darts
  33.  Warzaid - Shooting game were you fight against skeletons on the battlefield
  34.  Silver Strike Bowling - Bowling simulator
  35.  Fast & Furious - standup racing game
  36.  California Speed - Sitdown racing game
  37.  California Speed - Sitdown racing game
  38.  WF Royal Rumble - Wrestling simulator
  39.  Rush The Rock - Alcatraz Edition - Sitdown racing game
  40.  Hyperdrive - Space ship themed sitdown racing game
  41.  Hydrothunder - Boat themed sitdown racing game
  42.  Road Burners - Motorcycle themed racing game
  43.  640 game multicade - Every street fighter, metal slug, x-men, marvel super heroes
  44.  Street Fighter III 2nd Impact - Martial arts fighting game
  45.  18 Wheeler - Big Rig trucker standup racing game
  46.  Smashing Drive - Taxi based racing game
  47.  Smashing Drive - Taxi based racing game
  48.  Hydrothunder - Boat themed sitdown racing game
  49.  Hydrothunder - Boat themed sitdown racing game
  50.  Cruis'n Exotica - Standup racing game
  51.  Cruis'n Exotica - Standup racing game
  52.  Multicade - Multicade with 60 games including PacMan, Mrs. PacMan, Donkey Kong, Galaga...
  53.  Rush 2049 - Sitdown racing game
  54.  Rush 2049 - Sitdown racing game
  55.  Rush 2049 Special Edition - Sitdown racing game
  56.  Cruis'n Exotica - Sitdown racing game
  57.  Cruis'n Exotica - Sitdown racing game
  58.  Cruis'n Exotica - Sitdown racing game
  59.  Cruis'n Exotica - Sitdown racing game
  60.  Big Tony's Poker - 4 player touch screen Texas hold'em poker
  61.  Fast & Furious - Standup racing game
  62.  Fast & Furious - Standup racing game
  63.  Fast & Furious - Standup racing game
  64.  Fast & Furious - Standup racing game
  65.  G-Loc - Full motion flight simulator
  66.  Sega Strike Fighter - Flight simulator
  67.  Terminator Salvation - Terminator shooting game
  68.  Aliens Extermination - Aliens shooting game
  69.  FrightFearLand - Scary carnival clown shooting game
  70. ​ Golden Tee 2004 - Golf simulator
  71.  Punch Out!! - Boxing based fighting game
  72.  Ice Ball - Skee Ball
  73.  Ice Ball - Skee Ball